Selvogsbanki Transect
south Iceland

Latitude:   63.3330     Longitude:   -21.5830

Associated Investigators:

Astthor Gislason (zooplankton) ,
Kristinn Gudmundsson (phyto/Chl) ,   Hafsteinn Gudfinnsson (phyto/Chl) ,   Solveig R Olafsdottir (nutrients)  

Related Time Series:

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The Icelandic monitoring programme for hydrography, nutrients, phytoplankton and zooplankton consists of a series of standard transects around Iceland perpendicular to the coastline. In the 1960s, sampling was started at stations along transects north and east of Iceland. Additional transect lines south and west were added in the 1970s. Currently, there are approximately 90 stations, with sampling carried out at these stations every year in May and June.

Here we present data from the Selvogsbanki transect, off northern Iceland, and the Siglunes transect, western south Iceland. These two transect represent conditions from two very different water bodies: The Siglunes transect contains plankton communities and hydrography primarily from subarctic, polar waters, while the Selvogsbanki transect community and conditions predominantly represent North Atlantic water.