Bay of Fundy - Western Isles
northwest Atlantic shelf

Latitude:   45.0400     Longitude:   -66.8451

Associated Investigators:

Jennifer Martin  

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A phytoplankton monitoring program was initiated in the Western Isles of the Bay of Fundy in 1987. The study was initiated due to growing concerns that incidents involving harmful algal blooms (HABs) seemed to be increasing in intensity, frequency and geographic distribution throughout the world. The purposes of the phytoplankton study were: to establish baseline data on phytoplankton populations; to identify harmful algal species that could potentially harm the aquaculture industry; to provide an early warning to the aquaculture industires; and to determine patterns and trends in phytoplankton communities. Another purpose of the study was to determine whether there were environmental changes, such as changing trends in phtyoplankton populations or nutrient loads, as a result of the aquaculture industry.

Phytoplankton and nutrient samples were collected at the surface by bucket from all stations and by Niskin bottle at select stations. A Seabird Model 25 CTD profiler was used to collect vertical profiles of temperature, salinity and fluorescence at each site.

The data displayed in this summary is a combination and average of data collected from five stations (linked-to above) located within the Bay of Fundy monitoring area.

This monitoring program was discontinued in December of 2013.