SHORT FORMAT Description
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The COPEPOD Short Format is designed to quickly give you plankton measurements, with minimal set of useful metadata, in a row-based format.   Each row is a standalone observation with its own position, date, and value fields.   The data fields are separated with commas and also fixed width, making it easier for both you and your computer to easily read the data files.
  • See an overview of the columns (data fields) found in the Short Format ( click here )
  • See a sample of the COPEPOD Short Format ( click here )

COPEPOD is now exporting all short form and compilation data in the "2010 Version" of the COPEPOD Short Format.
  • The "2010 Version" also includes data the "original value (and units)" provided in the original data source.
  • The "2007 Version" also includes data in common units of "per m2" (per surface area of water).
  • The "2005 Version" offers all data in common units of "per m3" (per volume of water).
Additional metadata fields (gear type, GMT sampling time, project, institution) have also been added between versions.
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