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How to Cite the COPEPOD database:
    The content of the COPEPOD plankton database is updated on a monthly-to-quarterly basis.   Every two years a printed NOAA technical memorandum is created to summarize the full data content, as well as the latest protocols for quality control and data product synthesis (i.e., new gridded fields, compilations, etc.).   This allows users to cite a printed reference or a web site (depending on preference and/or the requirements of their intended publication or works).

    The most recent printed NOAA technical memorandum (NMFS-F/ST-37, aka "COPEPOD-2014") is available as an electronic PDF file (here) .   The database can be cited as follows:

      O'Brien, T.D. 2014.   COPEPOD:   The Global Plankton Database.
        An overview of the 2014 database contents, processing methods, and access interface.
        U.S. Dep. Commerce, NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-F/ST-37, 29p.

    To cite the online database, some possible format examples are:

      COPEPOD: the global plankton database. ONLINE. 2019.
        Available: []."
    ... or ...

      Plankton data were acquired from the COPEPOD global plankton database
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