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During the creation of COPEPOD, we have made every effort to include all available metadata (e.g., institute and investigator data).   Unfortunately, sometimes this information is not available to us, having been lost or separated from the original data before we acquired it.   We encourage our users to report missing or incorrect information so that we can correct it.

Information that may aid us in locating and correcting/adding this information:
  • If the error is in a webpage report or summary:
    • which report (e.g., Investigators, Cruise Summary)
    • which dataset (e.g., EASTROPAC, JGOFS, etc.)

  • If the error is in a data file:
    • what data file (e.g., 90AV-930315_petao.csv)
    • which dataset (e.g., EASTROPAC, JGOFS, etc.)
    • when possible, the COPEPOD internal station or cruise ID is also helpful
Send an email to:   Todd.OBrien@noaa.gov

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