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The plankton data available within COPEPOD are intended for non-commercial, scholarly use by the academic and scientific community with the understanding that any such use will properly acknowledge the originating investigator.   Out of professional courtesy, any person making substantial use of any data set within this data collection should notify the originating investigators who collected and/or provided those data.   ( You are also encouraged to reference "COPEPOD". )

Some of the present data sets were sent-to or included-in COPEPOD with the permission from the original investigators or institutions for inclusion (only) in COPEPOD.   Unless noted otherwise, the data within COPEPOD should not be distributed-by or included-in any other database without permission from the original investigators or institutions.

Respecting the investigators' requests for acknowledgement and their respective data policies will insure continued and future participation by current and new investigators in the COPEPOD project.   Citation and notification also help COPEPOD and its contributing investigators grasp the current usage of the data contents, which can aid in funding decisions and priorities.
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