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These data are currently available online via the COPEPOD download links (provided inside each collection summary).   This status is the end-goal of all data featured in the COPEPOD summaries and searches.

COMING SOON (contact us)

These data are waiting for completion of the metadata and quality control review process.   In most cases, an advance copy can be acquired (with appropriate caveats) by using the "contact us" option provided in the COPEPOD download link.

The content of "Yellow (coming soon)" data will not be included in any of the taxonomic compilations, such as the Atlas 2007, until the review is completed and the status is switched to Green.

(contact the source directly)

These data are not currently available via the COPEPOD system, but can be acquired by contacting the investigator and/or institution directly (contact directions are provided in the COPEPOD download link section).   These entries serve as an advertisement for existing data that are not presently in COPEPOD.

In most cases, the "restriction" is due to a desire by the original investigator(s) to make sure complex methods used in the data are understood (to avoid misinterpretation) or to control distribution of data currently being used for a publication or student thesis.

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