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Sampling and Processing Summary
The twenty-five top ranking zooplankton taxon/life-stage combinations taken along the Gulf of Maine Continuous Plankton Recorder transect, based on total catch of the combination, 1961 through 2004, along with their contribution to the forty-four year total zooplankton catch. Lower ranking combinations, combinations with consistent, but different time spans, and combinations not identified and staged consistently were summed in the "Zooplankton other taxa (MARMAP-SOOP)" category.

Further details available from the contributor:   Jack Jossi.

Sampling Gear Net Mesh Tow Method
( depth range )
# of Tow
% of all Tows
SAHFOS Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) 270 um horizontal
23 1.2 %
SAHFOS Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) 270 um horizontal
1836 98.8 %
  TOTAL TOWS 1859 
Sub-Collection:   EcoMon-SOOP (Mid-Atlantic Bight) COPEPOD
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