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Sampling and Processing Summary

Only copepod species were counted in the samples. Original species identifications were left exactly as provided by Martin Johnson, and include the synonym Calanus tonsus.


The original abundance values are based on complete enumeration of the less abundant organisms, and aliquot portions (multiplied by the appropriate factor) of the more abundant organisms. The original abundance values were provided in units of "number per haul, standardized to 0-100 meters" (the most frequently sampled depth interval of the cruises). The abundance values of longer (>100) or shorter (<100) depth intervals were "standardized to 0-100 meters vertical hauls".

NMFS-COPEPOD Conversion Notes:

It was assumed that the "standardized to 0-100 meter haul" method was a simple linear correction. For example, a 0-50 meter haul abundance value would be doubled, and a 0-200 meter haul abundance value would be halved. In order to restore all sampled values to their original depth ranges and values, all non-"0-100 meter" values were reverse-calculated (linear method) to their actual depth intervals and counted values.

Sampling Gear Net Mesh Tow Method
( depth range )
# of Tow
% of all Tows
Nansen Net 120 um vertical
under ~25 m
3 2.8 %
Nansen Net 120 um vertical
down-to ~50 m
17 16.0 %
Nansen Net 120 um vertical
down-to ~100 m
83 78.3 %
Nansen Net 120 um vertical
down-to ~250 m
1 0.9 %
Nansen Net 120 um vertical
down-to ~500 m
2 1.9 %
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