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Sampling and Processing Summary
These are some really cool 1946 plankton data sampled aboard the "Pearl Harbor". The plankton were sampled using a high speed plankton sampler (no exact name provided). The torpedo-like net was towed as 9 knots at the surface (0 - 10 meters). The net has a 2.5 centimeter mouth diameter with 56xxx bolting silk. The documentation stated this mesh was 0.3 millimeters when "new" and 0.2 millimeters after use. A mesh of 233 um was assigned within the database.

Sampling Gear Net Mesh Tow Method
( depth range )
# of Tow
% of all Tows
High speed plankton net (Pearl Harbor) 233 um horizontal
54 100.0 %
Sub-Collection:   Pearl Harbor 1946 COPEPOD
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