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Sampling and Processing Summary
The original paper data tables included bongo net results divided into the left ("L") and right ("R") sides of the bongo sampler. An indication of whether the data were "good" or "poor" was also provided. For usability within COPEPOD, the left and right individual values were combined to create a single average (of both sides of the bongo) for each depth interval. However, when one side of the net was flagged as "poor", only the "good" side was used for the "average".

Sampling Gear Net Mesh Tow Method
( depth range )
# of Tow
% of all Tows
Bongo Net 500 um vertical
down-to ~100 m
5 26.3 %
Bongo Net 500 um vertical
down-to ~500 m
14 73.7 %
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