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Pelagic Ecosystems of the Tropical Atlantic
    Zooplankton abundance data (species level), and phytoplankton abundance data (species level) collected by the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas (IBSS, Ukraine).     [copePID:   ru-05105]
Temporal Sampling Coverage
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sampling coverage by year and month.

Graphic:  Histogram of sampling dates: 1963 - 1989
March 1963 - December 1989 Months

Plankton Data Content
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taxa and species present in this data set.

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Ship & Cruise Summary
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dataset cruises and sampling stations.

You can also view data from individual cruises in this section.

Sampling Metadata
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sampling gear, mesh sizes, and methods used.

Investigator Summary
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associated investigators, institutes, and projects.

Data Access & Formats
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Data Distribution Map

Data Coverage Map: -97 West to 14 East ; -46 South to 52 North
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to see that data type displayed on this map.

( Any gold dots in this map represent non-quantitative samples. )

World Location Map
Graphic:  A world map showing a red box that outlines the geographic coverage of this data set.
The Red Box indicates the area of the focused map above.

This data summary is for just one out of over 150 plankton data sets present in the COPEPOD global plankton database.
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Sub-Collection:   Pelagic Ecosystems of the Tropical Atlantic   [ru-05105]
North Atlantic (34%) , South Atlantic (61%) , Gulf & Caribbean (5%)
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