DATA FILES (Unzip Information)
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COPEPOD data files retrieved directly from the online database are compressed with "ZIP" compression and have a ".zip" extension.   These "zip" files contain a single compressed folder what contains multiple files and folders inside of it.   You should unzip/extract the entire COPEPOD zip file "as-is", so it will appear in your folder/directory correctly (i.e. a folder or folders with multiple files in each folder).   Extracting file-by-file or otherwise may create a mess of randomly distributed files.   For example, if you view the ".zip" file (e.g., with WinZip), it may look like a mess of random files.   The files and folders will correctly re-organize themselves during the unzip process.

We use the shareware "Info-Zip" software, which is available for pretty much any computer on the planet.   It is available at:   This link will take you away from this website.

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