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Sampling and Processing Summary
Zooplankton samples were collected in May-June 1998-2005 as part of the Basque Country survey to estimate the BIOMass of ANchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus). Consecutive stations are 3 nautical miles (nm) apart located in transects spaced 15 nm apart covering the Bay of Biscay. Samples were collected using vertical hauls of a 150 micrometer (um) PAIROVET net fitted with a flowmeter and lowered to a maximum depth of either 100 meters, or 5 meters above the bottom at shallower stations. The PAIROVET net consists of a paired net with a mouth aperture of 0.05 m2 that is a version of the CalVET net (Smith et al. 1985).

Sampling Gear Net Mesh Tow Method
( depth range )
# of Tow
% of all Tows
PAIROVET net 150 um vertical
under ~25 m
88 2.1 %
PAIROVET net 150 um vertical
down-to ~50 m
1044 24.8 %
PAIROVET net 150 um vertical
down-to ~100 m
3078 73.1 %
  TOTAL TOWS 4210 
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