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Sub-Collection:  METEOR collection
COPEPOD offers a variety of data access and format options.   For example, you can quickly browse the data from each individual cruise (see Ship & Cruise Information) or you can download the entire data set (i.e., get all of the cruise files) using the ZIP file below.

The data set ZIP file for this entire data packet is available right here:   copepod__de-04101.zip
    NOTE:   Depending on what brand of web browser you are using, clicking on the data zip link above may open the zip file or it may immediately download it to your computer into your browser's default download folder.   (In this latter case, it may appear like nothing happened when you clicked, and clicking it again will download a second copy onto your computer!)   For best results, right-click on the "zip link" above and the select "Save Link as" (or "Save as") to save the file to the location on your computer of your choice.

The full graphics collection and data contents of this "METEOR collection" web summary are available in the zipped, downloadable data packet linked-to above.   If you download this ZIP packet and uncompress it onto your own computer, you can view this full summary (graphics, text, the works) locally from your computer. Likewise, you have direct access to the folders containing the full collection of "Full Format" and "Short Format" data files.

Data Packet Layout:
    Once you uncompress the ZIP file, you will have folder called "copepod__de-04101".   This folder contains an "index.html" file (double click this to view the COPEPOD data summary in your computer's browser), an "html_src" folder (which contains support files for the data summary), and a "data_src" folder (which contains the actual data files).
Data Format Options:


ZIP / UNZIP INFORMATION:   information and links to ZIP freeware tools


DATA ACKNOWLEDGMENT:   how to cite COPEPOD and the original data source

CONTRIBUTING DATA:   how to submit or report data potential data sources

CONTACT US:   how to contact us for questions, help, or to report an issue
Sub-Collection:   METEOR collection
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