WGZE Biometrics Atlas for the
ICES North Atlantic region
A biometric properties data atlas for zoopankton found in the ICES North Atlantic, Baltic Sea, and Mediterranean Sea regions.

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Crustacean Non-Crustacean
The numbers in [ brackets ] next to each taxa group above indicate the number of species found in the ICES North Atlantic region (in BOLD), and then the number of those with "length data", with "weight data", and with "W:L equations".  For example, [620 | 580 | 116 | 62 ] means there are 620 species (in this taxa group) frequently found in the ICES North Atlantic region, for which 580 have length information, 116 have weight information, and 62 have W:L equations.  Likewise, [230 | 0 | 0 | 0 ] means there are 230 species in the ICES North Atlantic region, and none of them have length, weight, or W:L equations.   The numbers in the link-table above will change depending on the Region that you have selected for this page.

2021-February:   With exception of the copepods, most taxa groups have little or no biometric information at this time.