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MZGdb News and Updates

  • The MetaZooGene/MZGdb Review Paper is available for free, online.   [click here]

  • The MZGdb Multi-Barcode Database is now online!

    This expanded version of the initial "COI-only" MZGdb
    now includes COI, 12S, 16S, 18S, and 28S data.

    At this time, the expanded MZGdb is not available in the
    WGIMT option. (The WGIMT version is currently COI-only.)

  • As this is a major database upgrade, please be cautious
    and report any errors or issues to:   todd.obrien@noaa.gov

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Welcome to the SCOR WG157 MetaZooGene Barcode Atlas and Database (MZGdb) entry page.
  • If you are new to the MZGdb, the links below provide information on the project and how to use the MZGdb Interfaces.

  • If you are ready to use the MZGdb, click on any ocean link located under the map above (e.g., "North Atlantic").

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MZGdb Main Map

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