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The Coastal & Oceanic Plankton Ecology, Production & Observation Database (COPEPOD) is an online, global-coverage database of zooplankton abundance, phytoplankton abundance, and zooplankton biomass data. Based on eighteen years of plankton data management and database development, the COPEPOD project focuses on providing a plankton-tailored data access interface, integrated plankton data products, and clear acknowledgment of the original plankton investigators. While new COPEPOD data are available online each month, this document summarizes the content of the database as of December 2014. This document also summarizes the quality control and range checking technique now in use with all COPEPOD data content.

You can download a full-color PDF of the
"COPEPOD-2014" Tech Memo here (NMFS-F/ST-37).

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