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access or download the COPEPOD-2005 tech memo

The COPEPOD-2005 Tech Memo
(aka NMFS-F/SPO-73) is available here.


The Coastal & Oceanic Plankton Ecology, Production & Observation Database (COPEPOD) is an online, global coverage plankton database effort with a focus on providing better data access, integrated products, and acknowledgment of the original plankton data providers and investigators.

Global Zooplankton Biomass Fields

access or download the COPEPOD-2005 biomass fields

Download the COPEPOD-2005 biomass fields here.

"COPEPOD-2005" is a NOAA technical memorandum which presents the data sources and methods used in this new database and summarizes its contents as of the December 2005. This document also presents a new methodology for building global zooplankton biomass fields, including improved techniques for combining data from different sampling gear and measurement methods. The results of this new methodology are compared to the World Ocean Database 2001, finding that previous work had over-estimated its zooplankton carbon mass by up to four times.

Original plankton data sub-collections and compilations can also be accessed via the   COPEPOD online database.

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