COPEPOD data sets with this taxa or group present.

# of unique
Known data sets that contain (Brachiopoda).
This may include sibling taxa data sources.
163  CSK   [zz-03301] 
54  IIOE   [zz-03201] 
23  Australia 75years paper  [presence-info-only, no counts, no data link]
14  EASTROPAC   [us-05503] 
12  Pelagic Ecosystems of the Tropical Atlantic   [ru-05105] 
12  IMECOCAL   [mx-05101] 
8  GAVESHANI Collection   [in-04101] 
8  CINECA IV   [fr-03103] 
6  CINECA II   [fr-03102] 
5  R/V ELTANIN  [presence-info-only, no counts, no data link]
1  CICAR   [ru-01002] 

Last Updated:   2023-Aug-07