Brenner, Hollis, Moss, English, Hall, Vincent, Radosevic, Birkness, Bibb, Quinn, Swaminathan, Weaver, Reeves, O'Connor, Hayes, Tenover, Steigerwalt, Perkins, Daneshvar, Hill, Washington, Woods, Hunter, Hadfield, Ajello, Kaufmann, Wear & Wenger, 1992
T2007351       Quick-Link [ ]
Genus ( WoRMS-Aphia: 0570919 | ITIS: ? )
WoRMS taxon status is:   "accepted"
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In the map above, the DARK GREEN DOTS indicate locations of quantitative data (0 obs globally),
while light-green dots indicate locations of "presence-only"/non-quantitative observations (156 obs globally).
Yellow Stars show locations of any time series reporting this taxa or group (0 sites globally).

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are currently


0 quantitative-obs
156 non-quantitative

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