Thalassiosira rotula
Meunier, 1910
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Species ( WoRMS-Aphia: 0148942 | ITIS: 0002494 )
WoRMS taxon status is:   "uncertain"
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This entry is for a Synomym or Invalid description.   Please see   Thalassiosira gravida (T2000021)

In the map above, the DARK GREEN DOTS indicate locations of quantitative data (12 obs globally),
while light-green dots indicate locations of "presence-only"/non-quantitative observations (10097 obs globally).
Yellow Stars show locations of any time series reporting this taxa or group (21 sites globally).
The photos above are of this taxon and its taxonomic siblings.
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12 quantitative-obs
10097 non-quantitative

21 sites
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Thalassiosira rotula

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