CamTrawl Net-Mounted Stereo-Video Data


DataSet Contact: Dr. Kresimir Williams

Description: The CamTrawl is a sideways facing digital stereo-camera system fitted near the open cod-end of a traditional fisheries survey trawl.  The trawl is used as an aggregating device to direct fish in front of the cameras before passing through the end of the trawl. The provided data set shows the fishery target, Walleye Polluck, as the pass before the cameras.

purpose: The Cam-trawl system can precisely place marine organisms in their spatial context and can allow individuals within adjacent fish schools to be independently. Results demonstrate that there is significant small-scale variation in fish size, which would be difficult to resolve using traditional trawl methods. The camera system is also able to capture animals too small or too fragile (e.g. krill, gelatinous organisms and small fish) to be well represented in trawls. When the Cam-trawl is used on acoustic-trawl surveys, animals in images can be associated with acoustic layers, and the complementary information from these two data types readily provides quantitative information on the animals’ spatial distribution.  ...more...

Example imagery

Individual data sets are password protected to prevent unauthorized download.  Please email the chair to request access permissions.

Cameras: RM-4200GE

  1. Digital

  2. Stereo-Video

  3. Monochrome

  4. Side-looking

  5. Frame Rate: 5 fps

  6. Lighting: Bridgelux

Data Acquisition: 3-4 million image pairs per year

Data Archive: 8.2 million image pairs

Platform Details



how to cite: Williams, K. (2013). CamTrawl Stereo-Video System for Acoustic Validation of Acoustic Data. NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle, WA