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Bilateral Fishery Science Cooperation

  • U.S. France Cooperative Program : The United States and France have modest involvement in marine fisheries under the umbrella of the US-France S&T Agreement. Most of the scientific work is conducted by scientists from the Northeast Fisheries Science Center and scientists from French oceanographic institutions (especially OSTROM, France's premier oceanographic research institute).
  • U.S.-Mexico Fishery Cooperation Talks: NOAA Fisheries and the Mexican Secretariat for the Environment, Natural Resources and Fisheries (known as SEMARNAP in Spanish) conduct an extensive fisheries cooperation program. This program was initiated in 1983 and cooperative projects have included: fisheries management, enforcement, seafood trade, endangered species conservation, aquaculture, and scientific cooperation. Periodic meetings provide a forum to exchange views and plan cooperative projects. The achievements in dolphin and turtle conservation, and cooperative scientific research have been particularly notable. NMFS and SEMARNAP scientists also meet annually to coordinate research in the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific through two research cooperation programs: MEXUS-Gulf and MEXUS-Pacifico. Details on these two programs are available from the NMFS Southeast Fisheries Science Center and the NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center, respectively.
  • U.S. - Republic of Ireland Cooperation: Joint Statement to Pursue Collaboration in the Programmes of Marine Research and Technology Development, Sustainable Development, Coastal Zone Management, and Marine Coastal Protected Areas Between the Marine Institute of Ireland and tNOAA. A $5 million/5-year collaboration between NOAA and the Marine Institute of Ireland was initiated in October 1999.

    The Joint Statement has committed NOAA to collaborate with Irish marine scientists and managers in the development of theoretical and applied marine scientific research and technology. The collaborative NOAA-MI program continues to foster the exchange of ideas, supports "best practice" in scientific methodology, and improves understanding of the marine ecosystem.

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