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NOAA FISHERIES: Office of Science and Technology
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Fisheries Oceanography

The Division supports the agency's scientific mission to better understand the influence of the environment on living marine resources in order to improve management.
Fisheries and The Environment (FATE)
U.S. GLOBEC (Global Ocean ECosystem Dynamics) Disclaimer link
International GLOBEC Disclaimer link

National Ecosystem Modeling Workshop, August 2009 National Ecosystem Modelling Workshop August 2009
Workshop 2005, Key Largo, Florida
Strategic Guidance for Implementing an Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries Management
Ecosystem-based Fishery Management: report of the Ecosystem Principles Advisory Panel

Ecosystem Approaches to Fisheries Management

The Division develops and promotes new science and policy approaches that integrate physical & biological factors for the management of fisheries in an ecosystem context.

Ocean Observing Systems

The Division supports the agency's long-term needs for scientific information by supporting NOAA's Ecosystem goal, Ecosystem Observing Program (EOP) and by helping design and implement ocean observing systems at appropriate regional, national, and global scales.

U.S. IOOS (Integrated Ocean Observing System) Disclaimer link
OCO (Office of Climate Observation) Disclaimer link
International GOOS Disclaimer link

Climate Impacts on US Living Marine Resources: NMFS Concerns, Activities and Needs
Incorporating Climate Change into NOAA's Stewardship Responsibities
NOAA Climate & Living Marine Resources Workshop - May 2008
North Pacific Climate Regimes & Ecosystem Productivity
Bering Sea Climate & Ecosystem
NOAA Climate Page
U.S. Climate Change Science Program
NMFS FY2010 Ocean Acidification Activities


The Division supports the agency’s need for better information about the influence of climate variability on marine ecosystems, fisheries and the fishing community.


Coastal Ecosystems

The Division supports efforts to understand coastal ecosystems, including essential fish habitats and coral reefs and the effects of anthropogenic disturbances on them.

International Marine Ecosystem Science

The Division tracks, promotes, and participates in international efforts to advance the understanding of coastal and marine ecosystems and fisheries.

IOC FAO Fisheries Disclaimer link

Habitat science, restoration science, habitat mapping, and science support for EFH

The Division supports the agency’s needs to map and assess habitat, including essential fish habitat, and to understand functional relationships between habitat and Living Marine Resource (LMR) productivity.

Marine mammal science, sea turtle science, salmon science, science support for ESA, MMPA and other species of concern

The Division supports the agency’s need for science that underpins the effective recovery, conservation and management of protected living marine resources.

NMFS Marine Mammals Feature Page
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