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NOAA FISHERIES: Office of Science and Technology
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2006 Economics & Social Sciences Brown Bag Series
Office of Science & Technology
Silver Spring, MD

 January 19 Ecosystem issues - decision models for habitat management - Presentation - Paper David Tomberlin, SWFSC
January 26 Subdivide and capture: zoning policies in the Northeast Steve Edwards, NEFSC

February 2 General equilibrium models for ecosystem management

John Tschirhart
Dept of Economics & Finance,
University of Wyoming

February 8 Introduction to stated preference choice experiments and their use at NOAA Fisheries Brad Gentner
Office of Science & Technology
February 16 Economics meets the recreational angler - valuation and participation in Alaska Todd Lee, NWFSC
February 22 Public valuation of an MPA network in the Northeast EEZ Kristy Wallmo
Office of Science & Technology

March 2 Overview of hurricane response efforts at NMFS with a focus on socioeconomics Steve Murawski
NMFS Chief Science Advisor
March 8 Gulf of Mexico: charter boat fleet in peril

Bobbi Walker
National Association of Charterboat Operators

March 15 Assessing shore-side damages from Hurricane Katrina Palma Ingles, SERO
March 22 Costs & consequences of flooding Camilo Sarmiento
Fannie Mae

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