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NOAA FISHERIES: Office of Science and Technology
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Protected Species Economics Research

NOAA Fisheries protected species economic research includes protected species valuation studies, benefit-cost analysis, and cost effectiveness analysis. Protected species valuation studies enables NOAA Fisheries to assess the national benefits derived from threatened and endangered marine stocks, including fish, sea turtles, marine mammals, and sea birds. Values obtained from this research can also be used to assess the benefits obtained from conservation and recovery efforts, thus providing a useful benchmark for valuing NOAA’s protected species research and recovery efforts. Cost effectiveness analyses of proposed and existing policies enable NOAA Fisheries to identify the policy that will achieve a given level of conservation at least cost to society. All applied protected species economic research contributes to legislative and administrative mandates for cost benefit analyses of regulatory actions.

Office of Protected Resources
Endangered Species Act
Marine Mammal Protection Act
Office of Science & Technology:

Alaska Fisheries Science Center:

Alaska Regional Office:

Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center:

Southwest Fisheries Science Center:

  • Optimal policies for minimizing longline sea turtle bycatch
  • Western Pacific sea turtle conservation agreements cost assessment
  • Evaluation of Pacific Rim sea turtle conservation measures
  • ESA operations research study
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