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National Science Workshop on Implementation of Annual Catch Limits

Presented by Richard Methot (NMFS/OST)
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Data Needs for Stock Assessment and Management

Presented by Joseph E. Powers (LSU & GMFMC-SSC)
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Data needs for stock assessment

Presented by Martin Dorn (AFSC & PFMC-SSC)
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Assessment and Peer Review Throughput

Presented by John Carmichael (SAFMC)
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Assessment Tempo and Peer Review

Presented Steve Ralston (SWFSC)
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Cooperative Research: Overview, Assessments & Opportunities

Presented by John J. Hoey (NEFSC)
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Science Needs Towards ACL Development: How Can Cooperative Research Help?

Presented by Sarah M. Pautzke (WPFMC)
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Possible Directions For Data-Limited Stocks

Jim Berkson (SAFMC-SSC & SEFSC) and Luiz Barbieri (SAFMC-SSC & GMFC-SSC & FL FWCC)
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Challenges to Effective Catch Monitoring: a non- NMFS perspective

Presented by Carolyn Belcher (SAFMC-SSC & GA DNR)
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Monitoring ACLs

Presented by John Witzig (NMFS/NER)
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Economics and ACLs

Presented by David Tomberlin (NMFS/OST & MAFMC-SSC)
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Including Economics in Risk Analysis and Optimum Yield

Presented by Lee G. Anderson (Univ. DE & MAFMC)
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Linking ACLs to Habitats (and Ecosystems)

Presented by John Boreman (MAFMC-SSC & SAFMC-SSC & NCSU)
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Incorporating Ecosystem Considerations into ACLs

Presented by Pat Livingston (AFSC & NPFMC-SSC)
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ACL Science Workshop: Quantifying Uncertainty in Forecasts

Presented by Erik H. Williams (SEFSC)
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Quantifying Uncertainty in Catch Forecasts

Presented by Steve Cadrin (NEFMC-SSC & SAFMC-SSC & SMAST)
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ACL Workshop Wrap-up

Presented by Doug DeMaster (NMFS/Acting Chief Science Advisor)
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