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Fisheries Statistics Division(ST1) Mission


As the principal source of U.S. national fishery statistics, the Division provides authoritative advice, coordination and guidance on matters related to the collection, analysis and dissemination of biological, economic, market and sociological statistics by NMFS and state agencies.

What Data Are We Concerned With?

Fisheries Dependent data for all disciplines from domestic recreational fisheries, domestic commercial fisheries, and foreign commercial fisheries.

What Do We Do?

  • We develop national standards, policies and operational guidelines for the coordinated collection and publication of fishery statistics;
  • We coordinate regional commercial statistics surveys and market data programs;
  • We design and conduct national commercial and recreational statistics surveys.

How Do We Accomplish This?

We coordinate with other Federal agencies, states, Interstate Commissions and Regional Councils on:

  • The collection of data and market information;
  • The publication of official fishery statistics for the United States; and
  • The representation of NMFS on federal and international statistical agencies.

What Products and Services Do We Produce?

  • The Division provides statistics, strategic planning and budget formulation advocacy, and coordination and management among regional programs.
  • The Division provides statistics to U.S. Government agencies, foreign governments, national and international organizations, private businesses, and individuals interested in the management and development of U.S. fishery resources.

We provide these statistics as:

official statistical publications, such as the annual "Fisheries of the U.S." series, CD-ROMS, and INTERNET WEB servers providing on-line access to our computer databases.

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