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NOAA FISHERIES: Office of Science and Technology
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Operating Plan


The Science Board serves as NOAA Fisheries’ authoritative body on the scientific basis for stewardship of living marine resources and their environment. To this end, the Board:

  • Develops, oversees the implementation of, and addresses issues related to NOAA Fisheries’ national science and technology policy, especially in the field of science quality assurance;
  • Ensures the integrity and quality of NOAA Fisheries ’ science;
  • Address national science issues and recommend actions to the NOAA Fisheries Executive Board;
  • Contributes to NOAA, national, and international science policy;
  • Provides advice from a national perspective on science programs and budget priorities; and
  • Ensures national coordination of science programs.


The Science Board is made up of the NMFS Chief Science Advisor, who serves as the Board’s chair, the Director of Science and Technology, and the Science Directors from each of the six regional Fisheries Science Centers. All members of the Science Board have equal standing and must attend the quarterly meetings; if an alternative is sent, they must be empowered to make program decisions for their Office or Center. It is expected that the Board will routinely confer on science issues.


Agenda items for upcoming meetings can be submitted by anybody within NOAA Fisheries to the Science and Technology Directorate. Submitted agenda items are reviewed, screened, and prioritized by Science Board members to develop meeting agendas.

The Science Board Chair is responsible for convening meetings. Necessary background materials are prepared and distributed by Science and Technology support staff. Science Board members may invite knowledgeable individuals to address the Board on relevant topics at meetings. Meeting minutes are recorded by Science and Technology staff, and used to produce a meeting report and list of action items which are presented to Board Members for approval within at of the meeting’s conclusion. Decisions of the Science Board are made by consensus to ensure that all Members support Board actions.



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