Day 1
Monday8:30 AMIntroduction and Charge to ReviewersDave Van Voorhees
Monday8:50 AMContext / NMFS Science Center Review processNed Cyr
Monday9:10 AMOverview of ST/NMFS/FIN relationship(s)Dave Van Voorhees
Monday9:30 AMACCSP - FIN presentationMichael Cahall
Monday10:15 AMBreak 
Monday10:30 AMACCSP - NMFS presentationJohn Witzig
Monday11:00 AMReviewer questions and discussion 
Monday11:30 AMGulfFIN - FIN presentationDavid Donaldson
Monday12:15 PMLunch 
Monday1:15 PMGulfFIN - NMFS presentationSteve Turner
Monday1:45 PMReviewer questions and discussion 
Monday2:15 PMPacFIN - FIN presentationBob Ryznar
Monday3:00 PMBreak 
Monday3:15 PMReviewer questions and discussion 
Monday3:30 PMPublic comment 
Monday3:45 PMDrafting of report by reviewers 
Monday5:30 PMAdjourn 
Day 2
Tuesday8:30 AMBrief overview of Day 1 and schedule for Day 2Dave Van Voorhees
Tuesday8:45 AMOpportunity for reviewer questions from day 1 
Tuesday9:00 AMPacFIN - NMFS presentationStephen Freese
Tuesday9:30 AMReviewer questions and discussion 
Tuesday10:00 AMAKFIN - FIN presentationBob Ryznar
Tuesday10:45 AMBreak 
Tuesday11:00 AMAKFIN - NMFS presentationJennifer Mondragon
Tuesday11:30 PMReviewer questions and discussion 
Tuesday12:00 PMLunch 
Tuesday1:00 PMWPacFIN - FIN presentationKimberly Lowe
Tuesday1:45 PMWPacFIN - Council perspectiveMarlowe Sabater
Tuesday2:15 PMReviewer questions and discussion 
Tuesday 2:45 PMPublic comment 
Tuesday 3:00 PMBreak 
Tuesday 3:15 PMDrafting of report by reviewers 
Tuesday5:30 PMAdjourn 
Tuesday6:30 PMOptional Group Dinner 
Day 3
Wednesday8:30 AMBrief overview of Day 2 and schedule for Day 3Dave Van Voorhees
Wednesday8:45 AMOpportunity for reviewer questions from days 1 and 2 
Wednesday9:00 AMNMFS needs - national perspectiveAlan Lowther
Wednesday9:45 AMBreak 
Wednesday10:00 AMPanel discussion on meeting national data needs, regional cooperation, shared experiences, and other issuesFIN representatives
Wednesday12:00 PMLunch 
Wednesday1:00 PMResume panel discussion 
Wednesday2:00 PMReviewer questions and discussion - final charge to reviewers 
Wednesday2:15 PMDrafting of report by reviewers 
Wednesday5:30 PMAdjourn 
Day 4
Thursday8:30 AMBrief overview of Day 3 and schedule for Day 4Dave Van Voorhees
Thursday8:45 AMOpportunity for reviewer questions / clarification from Days 1, 2, and 3 
Thursday9:00 AMDrafting of report by reviewers 
Thursday12:00 PMLunch 
Thursday1:00 PMReviewers finalize the report 
Thursday3:00 PMFinal report to NMFS - FIN representatives invited 
Thursday5:00 PMAdjourn