Better Fishing, Better Data – How We Count Your Catch

NOAA Fisheries is entrusted with ensuring the long-term health of ocean fisheries and other marine life in federal waters. One of our most important jobs is working with both commercial and recreational fishermen to count what’s being caught, when, where, and how.

This information is used to decide how many fish can be taken recreationally and commercially without negatively affecting the sustainability of individual fisheries. It also ensures appropriate measures are taken to recover fisheries in trouble.

In 2013, MRIP began implementing significant improvements to the in-person angler survey we use along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts to estimate recreational catch. In this video, you will hear directly from scientists, samplers and fishermen themselves about the changes we've made, how they're working in the field, and why they matter to the people whose lives and livelihoods are connected to sustainable recreational fishing.