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NAUPLIUS Visualizer   Server Load:

Green = none,   Green/Yellow = minor,
Yellow = medium,  Yellow/Red = heavy,
Red = really heavy

Heavy loads can cause delayed click-reponses in the Visualizer window.   Animations and depth, month, and variable-type changes may be slower than usual.

How to use the NAUPLIUS Visualizer :
Image Artifacts, Data Issues, and Graphical Gremlins:
  • "No Data" vs. nearshore boundary gaps
  • "Bullseyes" and other contouring artifacts
  • "Colorbars & Contour Intervals"
  • How to report a suspected problem

For best viewing and access, resize your browser window so the entire NAUPLIUS Visualizer interface box fills and fits-within the browser window.

[ How to resize/zoom your browser window ]