Ocean Commerce

McPhee, John. 1990. Looking for a Ship. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux. McPhee describes his journey from South Carolina through the Panama Canal and along the Pacific coast of South America aboard a U.S. flag merchant ship. He relays stories about seafaring life, officers and crew, ports of call, cargo, and modern day pirates. McPhee discusses the state of the U.S. Merchant Marines, how international competition and lowered cargo rates have led to a decline in the U.S. institution.

Morris, Jan. 1969. The Great Port: A Passage Through New York. New York: Oxford University Press. Morris gives a tour of the physical, functional, and communal dimensions of what was once the world's busiest port. Now 30 years old, this description of harbor, port, and port cities is still an accurate description of the central role of trade and marine transportation in the evolution of the seaport.

Peniston, Bradley. 1999. Around the World with the U.S. Navy: A Reporter's Travels. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press. Peniston provides an inside look at the Navy's fleet and its operations in recent years. This book is an excellent introduction to the Navy's hardware and various missions around the globe, written by a reporter who interviewed everyone from Admirals to deck hands.

**Special thanks to Marc Hershman, Professor at the University of Washington’s School of Marine Affairs (http://www.sma.washington.edu/ ), for sharing a reading list from the SMA 500 course, from which many of these books and summaries were drawn.

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