SIPOC is a visual diagram used by an organization to display the flow of suppliers, inputs, process outputs and customers. A SIPOC diagram is used to identify all relevant elements of a process improvement project before work begins. It helps define a complex project that may not be well scoped or well understood within an organization.


  • This is a tool for analyzing your process at a high level within your organization, in a concise visual manner;
  • SIPOC helps identify where bottlenecks could occur within your process, as well as high level corrective actions 


  • Involve representative stakeholders;
  • Address who your customers are;
  • List main suppliers of products or services as well as the inputs to the process;
  • List key process steps to transform inputs to added value outputs;
  • Review for potential gaps in the flow as depicted in the example below.  Are customers receiving the outputs required in the proper manner?  Metrics can also be established from the SIPOC.  The SIPOC can also help identify whether and how to eliminate gaps in the process.

Click here for an example of a SIPOC diagram. 


This tool was used in the Greater Atlantic Regional Office to help define the new trip matching processes created for sector management within the Fisheries Data Services and Analytical Program Support divisions.  It also provided improvement opportunities through the use of Kaizen Bursts.  By employing SIPOC, the office identified data sources, as described above, that were not being utilized to help in reconciliation efforts.

Subject Ambassador:

Tony Conigliari - Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office: