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An online plankton time-series analysis and visualization toolkit.

examples of COPEPODITE-created visualizations
Examples of COPEPODITE-created visualizations.
The Interactive Time-series Explorer (ITE) is a collection of time series analysis and visualization tools which operate on data that you provide yourself and upload into the toolkit yourself.   This toolkit is not a database, and it will not do anything if you do not provide data for it to process.

If you are looking for time series data, the Plankton Time Series Metabase is an online interface linking to 200+ plankton monitoring sites and programs.

If you would like to try this toolkit on a sample data set, you can download an example data set from the Sample Data & Output Examples page.   This page also links to example results from the currently available analysis and visualization modules.   Looking at these example results is the quickest way to see exactly what the ITE toolkit can do for you and your data).

If you have time series data you want to analyze and visualize via COPEPODITE, the User's Guide contains a walk-through with instructions on how to prepare/format your data, upload and select processing options, and then interpret your COPEPODITE results.
ITE Step #1:   Prepare your data file.

This step is VERY important, and hopefully fairly easy to do.
Please go to the Data Format Guide to prepare your data correctly.

ITE Step #2:   Go to the ITE Toolkit

On 23-May-2014, we switched COPEPODITE to a new and faster server. We have done thorough testing, but there is always that 0.1% that we missed something.   If you find any strange graphical results, please let us know [ ].

This will take you to the COPEPODITE processing system.

If the "Start COPEPODITE" button above is not working or returns an error page,
please email and let him know.
COPEPODITE Data Security:
  • The time series data you upload into the Interactive Time-series Explorer (ITE) will be immediately deleted after creating the analysis and visualization output you selected in the online processing menus.

  • To protect your analysis and graphics results, access to the results is controlled via a randomly-generated, 32-character security link which will be emailed to you by the toolkit system.   These results will also be deleted after seven days.

  • If you wish to share your results with others, you can forward the "security link" email to them.   Remember that the results will be deleted after seven days (i.e., the results will disappear and the link will stop working).   The results page also contains a ZIP file which contains the full set of results and images and can be easily downloaded to your own computer.
COPEPODITE User Agreement:
    The Interactive Time-series Explorer contains analysis and visualizations developed collaboratively by COPEPOD and various ICES and SCOR plankton time series working groups.   The ITE is not a commercial package and is provided to you free and "as-is" with no claims or guarantees of perfection or scientific soundness.

    If you have questions about how to prepare your data, what analysis modules to use, and/or interpretation of the ITE results, please feel free to contact   Concerns, complaints, and praise are welcome.
A COPEPODITE FAQ page is being created, and may answer your questions.

If not, please email with any concerns or suggestions or comments.