The NOAA Fisheries, Fisheries Statistics Division has automated data summary programs that anyone can use to rapidly and easily summarize U.S. commercial fisheries landings.


Fishery Market News Archive

Please click here to view the current Fishery Market News.

To open an archive file, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Note: You will need a compression utility to open the zip files (WinZip, WinRAR, Zipeg).
  • Select the file you'd like to view.
  • Follow your compression utility instructions to open the file(s).
  • Extract the file(s) to your harddrive, or select an individual file to view its content.
  • The naming convention for the files follows:
    • The first two digits represent the report.
    • The next two digits represent the day.
    • The next two digits represent the month.
    • The next two digits represent the year.

Headquarters Archive Reports

New Orleans Archive Reports

Menhaden Archive Reports

Japanese Market Archive Reports

California Archive Reports

Tradelds Archive Reports

Seattle Archive Reports

The Boston and New York Market News Reports are now hosted by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. Please navigate to the URL below for 2014 and newer data:

Boston Archive Reports

New York Archive Reports